The Likeable Unlikeable Protagonist

I recently finished the Netflix series Jessica Jones, and I must say that I really loved it. The story was excellently crafted and the villain was both charming and chilling, but most of all, I loved the protagonist herself. Jessica Jones is a rude, crude, abrasive, cynical, self-loathing alcoholic, and she gripped me right away. … Continue reading The Likeable Unlikeable Protagonist


The P&P Dichotomy

You'll see it time and again. Writers will divide into two groupers, the self-proclaimed planners and pantsers (as in going by the seat of your pants), abhorring the others methods while championing their own. Planners find pantsing to be anarchic and paralyzing, while pantsers find planning to be rigid and stifling. If I had to … Continue reading The P&P Dichotomy